Wedding Limo NYC’s Most Frequently Asked Questions Collected

If you’ve got questions about the services that Wedding Limo NYC can provide, check out the answers below to see if your question has already been covered! We get plenty of inquiries, especially when it comes to the services that we can provide for weddings and customized plans that go along with it. We’re happy to say that we’re the absolute best and most comprehensive service for wedding transportation in the city, and we want a chance to prove it to you and the couple whose wedding you are planning! Read on to see if we’ve already answered your question!

What Cars are Available from Wedding Limo NYC’s Rental Fleet?

Wedding Limo NYC has a wide variety of limousine models for our clients to choose from. If you’re on a fairly tight budget, we can supply a luxury sedan for two people to arrive in comfort. We have standard limousine models like those made by Lexus and from the Mercedes S Class, as well as Hummer and BMW. For those who want a truly impressive and imposing limo rental, we offer the Cadillac Escalade, and for guests who want the height of style we have white Bentley models for a truly classy limousine experience. What’s more, if you want to class things up with a rare antique model of limousine, we can take care of that as well! Wedding Limo NYC’s fleet includes nostalgic models from Rolls Royce, Excalibur and Packard in addition to modern options! Whatever your taste in limousines, Wedding Limo NYC has what you need!

What Sort of Rates Does Wedding Limo NYC Offer for Limo Rentals?

At Wedding Limo NYC, we know that every customer has a different budget when it comes to renting the limo for a wedding. That’s why we have customized vehicle options that can be rented from as low as $50 per hour (for a luxury sedan seating two people) to $220 and hour for a gorgeous white Bentley model! We have everything in between as well, and with a minimum rental time of two hours, you can be sure that you’ll get great limousine service without putting too much of a dent in your wedding budget! What’s more, we have special package deals for wedding transportation that include two limousines (one for the couple and one for the families), which can be modified in any way that you may want! Call us for more information about what we can provide you in the way of a beautiful and memorable conveyance for your wedding!

My Question Has Not Been Answered, Where Should I Contact You

While we hope to answer every common question about wedding limousine rental here on our frequently asked questions page, it’s inevitable that some prospective clients will have other queries that aren’t listed here. In this case, we have both a direct dial phone number available for you to have your questions answered any time of day or night, or, if you prefer to contact us via email, you can do so via the contact page above! Our phone number is 646-757-1335, and our professional sales staff is standing by to answer any and all questions that you have!
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